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<p>Amsterdam Bnb refurbished and furnished.</p>

Amsterdam Bnb refurbished and furnished.

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Posted 60 weeks ago
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New BnB rules in Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam wants to limit the number of bed and breakfasts (B & Bs). B & Bs must be registered with the municipality. From 1 January 2019 the municipality wants to introduce a permit for B & B.

  • In existing homes only new B & B’s can come with a permit.
  • A maximum number of B & Bs is determined per area in the city. There are now no numbers known about it.
  • For existing B & Bs that have reported to the municipality, this can demonstrate and meet the conditions, there will be a transitional arrangement.

What do you have to do?

  • If you have a B & B and you have reported the B & B to the municipality of Amsterdam and your B & B meets the other conditions, you do not have to do anything.
  • Until the new B & B permit comes into effect, you must report the B & B to the Municipality of Amsterdam via Bed and Breakfast or unsubscribe.
  • If you start a B & B after the new permit requirement has been introduced, you will have to deal with other rules. You will then need a permit and the municipality will see if another B & B fits into the area where you want to start your business. At this moment it is not yet known how the distribution per area will be. You can not apply for a permit yet. Keep an eye on this site for more news.
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Amsterdam Energy and Water

Energy costs are monthly recurring costs (fixed charges). These are the costs for the consumption of gas, electricity and water. In addition, the costs you pay for the meters.

What are the average costs of gas, water and electricity in Amsterdam?

With the figures below you can calculate the costs for gas, water and electricity. This is useful if you are moving or want to make a budget. You can see how you do it compared to others. You will also see whether you can save on one of these fixed costs.



Amsterdam Gas Consumption

Gas is usually needed to heat your home. Furthermore, hot water is also often heated with gas and you need gas if you have a gas cooker. Your gas consumption appears to depend mainly on the type of home in which you live. The number of people is less important. This is precisely the influence on the consumption of electricity and water.

The monthly gas costs are both the gas consumption and the use of the meter. You pay an advance that is calculated on the basis of your annual consumption of the previous year.

Electricity Usage

The electricity consumption is mainly dependent on the number of people in your house. The average use for all households is almost 3,000 kWh per year. The average consumption and the monthly amounts per household can be found in the table below. The costs are of course closely related to the electrical appliances you use and how economical they are.

We pay energy tax in the Netherlands per kWh consumed (electricity) and per cubic meter (gas). Each household receives a part of this in the form of a tax credit. This amount is deducted from the energy bill. Usually this happens with the annual electricity bill. For 2018 this is 373.33 euros.

Water Usage

The water consumption also depends on the number of people living in the house. A third of the water goes to showering and bathing . Wash the rest, toilet and cook.

Green electricity or green gas

Most energy companies also offer green electricity. This flow has been generated in a clean way. For example, by the wind, sun or water. With this method of generation, much less or no harmful CO2 is emitted. With some energy companies, green electricity is slightly cheaper than regular electricity. For other companies, green electricity is actually more expensive. You can also choose green gas. The environment is also less taxed.

Tip: On the internet you can compare prices of green electricity and green gas with other electricity and gas prices. You can find independent advice on these comparison sites at . You can also go here if you want to switch to another energy company .

Save on gas and electricity

If you use your electrical appliances and heating smartly, you can save a lot on the energy bill.

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